Cheap Coilovers

Cheap CoiloversA coilover is a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it enabling optimal ride damping (stiffness) without excessive torsional loads; they are used to adjust ride and stiffness particularly in sports cars. Once limited to racing teams, cheap coilovers have become a popular staple in the car accessory aftermarket and are now available from most online and retail auto part merchants. They are typically used to lower a car’s body, tighten suspension to control roll during turns and to improve a car’s handling overall. By lowering your car’s suspension by only half and inch you lower the center of gravity which provides better handling stability and, quite aside from that, many car owners think that the car looks great with them fitted!

Today there is a wide choice of coilovers on the market and they need not be expensive. Today a set of coilovers can cost as little as $100, although, as always, you get what you pay for. As a rule of thumb, you can regard every dollar spent as contributing to the smoothness of your overall drive. Coilovers costing over a $1000 feature fully adjustable ride height and shock dampening and tend to be much stiffer than cheap coilover models. While a good set of coilovers is the result of considerable research that involves testing rigidity and rebound, it is possible to buy coilovers for about $300 that will give your car the look and performance that you’re after.

No matter what type of coilovers you choose to buy it always pays to have them installed by professionals. Coilovers operate at high compression and a poor installation can not only damage your car but cause serious injury to its occupants. Cheap coilovers should cost you between $100 and $300, which is competitive with standard self-lowering springs. They allow you to adjust your suspension height to make your car look cool as well as providing better overall handling.