Coilover Kits

Coilover KitsWith the growing popularity of motor sports throughout the world people everywhere are looking to get involved in any way they can. That usually results in people wanted to race their own cars in these events, and most of the times there are events that allow this. Now with people wanting to race that means they need to make their car race worthy, and this is usually done with engine, and suspension modifications. Ranging from simple things such as performance air filters, to the more advanced full coilover kits. All of which are designed to ad more performance to vehicle, and make it handle better on the track.

Now a strong following of people who are new to the sport tend to spend a lot of money trying to make their car output more horsepower, thinking that will improve their times. Although more horsepower can often improve the lap times on the track, it also can lead to instability and issues at higher speeds without a proper suspension set up. Thus why the elder racers always have a good coilover kit setup on their car. Now these kits usually are fully adjustable in not only ride height, but in all ways of alignment for the suspension. These setups allows the driver to set up the alignment in a way that suit each track. Thus providing ultimate feedback while driving.

Of course the most important thing while driving at high speeds, and while pushing a car to its limits is the feedback of the vehicle. Without good feedback the driver cannot properly respond to the course, and this level of feedback cannot be achieved without a good coilover kit. As most professional drivers will agree a good suspension set up will make or break your lap times, and even your race. So overall a driver should always be careful when performing on the track, and should never push his vehicle to limit he cannot control but with a coilover kit those limits can be extended to an extreme level.